Q & A

Q Can i return a portion of my room in a box?

A Only if the portion that you are trying to return is damaged , as all boxes are pre designed and can not be returned for different colors or products .

Q Do you have a return policy in place ? 

A Yes if you look at the top of our home page , you will find our return policy along with our shipping policy.

Q Can I purchase you living room and bedroom furniture by the piece ? 

A Yes , as a matter of fact you can purchase most of our furniture by the piece. 

Q Do you wholesale pricing ? 

A Yes but only for select products . 

Q Can I resale your Room in the Boxes in my store? 

A Yes , but you would need written permission from our wholesale dept. You will need proof of business , such as a resale certificate , fictitious name certificate and EIN number you will also have to sign an agreement of use. 

Q Do you have a physical location ?

A No we do not , At this time we are e commerce only much like most retailers these days . in the future if we decide to open a brick and mortar location that information will be added to our website .